Model.get_block_response(name, p=None, add_0=False, dt=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Method to obtain the block response for a stressmodel.

The optimal parameters are used when available, initial otherwise.

  • name (str) – String with the name of the stressmodel.

  • p (array_like, optional) – array_like object with the values as floats representing the model parameters. See Model.get_parameters() for more info if parameters is None.

  • add_0 (bool, optional) – Adds 0 at t=0 at the start of the response, defaults to False.

  • dt (float, optional) – timestep for the response function.

  • kwargs (dict) –


b – Pandas.Series with the block response. The index is based on the frequency that is present in the model.settings.

Return type:

pandas.Series or None