As an open source project, Pastas depends on the open source community for maintaining and developing the software. Any help in maintaining the code, writing or updating documentation is more than welcome. This section serves to help you in contributing code to the Pastas software.

Bug reports / Feature requests#

If you have found a bug in Pastas, or if you would like to suggest an improvement or enhancement, please submit a new Issue through the Github Issue tracker.

Release Cycle#

Pastas does not have a fixed release cycle but it is tried to release a new version every three months. You can check when a new release is approximately scheduled at the GitHub Milestones page.

Core Development Team#

The following people are part of the core development team of Pastas and can merge pull requests on the Pastas GitHub.

Raoul Collenteur. Uni Graz#

Mark Bakker. TU Delft#

Ruben Caljé. Artesia.#

Davíd Brakenhoff. Artesia.#


The following people have contributed code to the Pastas project. Please notify us when contributors are missing from this list.