Pastas Team#

Active maintainers#

Core team#

The following people are part of the core team of Pastas and can merge pull requests on the Pastas GitHub.

Raoul Collenteur (Eawag)#

Mark Bakker (TU Delft)#

Ruben Caljé (Artesia)#

Davíd Brakenhoff (Artesia)#


The following people are part of the development team of Pastas and help develop new features.

Onno Ebbens (Artesia)#

Martin Vonk (Artesia & TU Delft)#

All the people who have contributed code to the Pastas project can be found on GitHub Contributor list.

Institutional partners#

Institutional partners are companies and universities that support the project by employing maintainers and developers. Current institutional partners include:


Past Institutional support#

The following institutions have employed maintainers in the past or past maintainers: