This page provides a short example and a list of example applications in Jupyter Notebooks. Examples in the form of Python scripts can also be found on the examples directory on GitHub.

Below is a list of Jupyter Notebooks with code, comments and figures:


The latest versions of the Jupyter Notebooks can be found in the examples folder on GitHub!

Short Example

Below is an example of a short script to simulate groundwater levels (the csv-files with the data can be found in the examples-directory on GitHub):

import pandas as pd
import pastas as ps

oseries = pd.read_csv('data/head_nb1.csv', parse_dates=['date'],
                      index_col='date', squeeze=True)
rain = pd.read_csv('data/rain_nb1.csv', parse_dates=['date'],
                   index_col='date', squeeze=True)
evap = pd.read_csv('data/evap_nb1.csv', parse_dates=['date'],
                   index_col='date', squeeze=True)

ml = ps.Model(oseries)
sm = ps.RechargeModel(rain, evap, ps.Gamma, name='recharge')