The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here

About Pastas#

Pastas is an open source Python package to analyse hydro(geo)logical time series. The objective of Pastas is twofold: to provide a scientific framework to develop and test new methods, and to provide a reliable ready‐to‐use software tool for groundwater practitioners. All code is available from the Pastas GitHub.


Our mission is to improve the analysis and modeling of groundwater time series through research and development of new methods and accompanying computer code. We strive to maximize what we can learn from the information contained in groundwater time series. We believe in the power of open science, FAIR data and open software to achieve this, making code open and available to all. With the development of Pastas, we attempt to bridge the gap between science and practice and shorten the time between scientific discoveries and their real-world applications.