The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here


CompareModels.initialize_adjust_height_figure(mosaic=None, cmap='tab10', smdict=None, **fig_kwargs)[source]#

initialize subplots based on a mosaic with equal vertical scales.

The height of each subplot is calculated based on the y-data limits in each subplot. This is calculation is performed on the first column of axes in the mosaic.

  • mosaic (list, optional) – subplot mosaic, by default None which uses the default mosaic.

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – figure size, by default (10, 8)

  • cmap (str, optional) – colormap, by default “tab10”

  • smdict (dict, optional) – Dictionary with integers (index) as keys and list of stressmodel names as values that have to be in each subplot. For example, {0: [‘prec’, ‘evap’], 1: [‘rech’]} where stressmodels ‘prec’ and ‘evap’ are plotted in the first respons function window and ‘rech’ in the second. By default, None, which creates a separate subplot for each stressmodel.

Return type