The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here


CompareModels.plot_response(smdict=None, axn='rf{i}', response='step')[source]#

plot step or block responses.

  • smdict (dict, optional) – Dictionary with integers (index) as keys and list of stressmodel names as values that have to be in each subplot. For example, {0: [‘prec’, ‘evap’], 1: [‘rech’]} where stressmodels ‘prec’ and ‘evap’ are plotted in the first respons function window and ‘rech’ in the second. By default, None, which creates a separate subplot for each stressmodel.

  • axn (str, optional) – name of labeled axes to plot response functions on, by default “rf{i}”. If smdict is not None, keys of that dictionary are used to fill in axes label, e.g. key 0 indicates the response functions will be plotted on axes with label ‘rf0’. Otherwise, each response function will be plotted on a separate subplot (i.e. ‘rf0’, ‘rf1’, …).

  • response (str, optional) – type of response to plot, either “step” or “block”, by default “step”.

Return type