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Plotting.stacked_results(tmin=None, tmax=None, figsize=(10, 8), stackcolors=None, stacklegend=False, stacklegend_kws=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Create a results plot, similar to ml.plots.results(), in which the individual contributions of stresses (in stressmodels with multiple stresses) are stacked.

  • tmin (str or pandas.Timestamp, optional) –

  • tmax (str or pandas.Timestamp, optional) –

  • figsize (tuple, optional) –

  • stackcolors (dict or list, optional) – Either dictionary with stress names as keys and colors as values, or a list of colors. By default None which applies colors according to the order of stresses in the StressModel. Passing a dictionary can be useful to apply the same color to each stress across multiple figures.

  • stacklegend (bool, optional) – Add legend to the stacked plot.

  • stacklegend_kws (dict, optional) – dict with keyword arguments for stackplot legend



Return type

list of axes objects