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static FlexModel.get_interception_balance(pr, ep, simax=2.0, dt=1.0)[source]#

Method to compute the water balance of the interception reservoir.

  • pr (array_like) – NumPy Array with rainfall in mm/day.

  • ep (array_like) – NumPy Array with potential evaporation in mm/day.

  • simax (float, optional) – storage capacity of the interception reservoir.

  • dt (float) – time step used for computation. Only dt=1.0 is possible now.


  • si (array_like) – Interception storage.

  • ei (array_like) – Interception evaporation.

  • pi (array_like) – Incoming rainfall that is intercepted.

Return type



The water balance for the snow storage reservoir is defined as follows:

\[\frac{dS_i}{dt} = P_r - E_i - P_e\]

where $S_i$ [L] is the interception storage, $P_r$ [L/T] is the incoming rainfall, $E_i$ [L/T] the interception evaporation, and $P_e$ [L/T] the overflow from the interception reservoir.