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static FlexModel.get_root_zone_balance(pe, ep, srmax=250.0, lp=0.25, ks=100.0, gamma=4.0, dt=1.0)[source]#

Method to compute the water balance of the root zone reservoir.

  • pe (array_like) – Effective precipitation flux in mm/d.

  • ep (array_like) – Potential evaporation flux in mm/d.

  • srmax (float, optional) – Maximum storage capacity of the root zone.

  • lp (float, optional) – Parameter determining when actual evaporation equals potential.

  • ks (float, optional) – Saturated hydraulic conductivity in mm/d.

  • gamma (float, optional) – Parameter determining the nonlinearity of outflow / recharge.

  • dt (float, optional) – time step for the calculation of the recharge. Only dt=1 is possible now.


  • sr (array_like) – Storage in the root zone reservoir.

  • r (array_like) – Recharge flux in mm/d

  • ea (array_like) – Evaporation flux in mm/d. Consists of transpiration and soil evaporation. Does not include interception evaporation.

  • q (array_like) – surface runoff flux in mm/d.

  • pe (array_like) – Incoming infiltration flux in mm/d.

Return type

Tuple[ArrayLike, ArrayLike, ArrayLike, ArrayLike, ArrayLike]