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static FlexModel.get_snow_balance(prec, temp, tt=0.0, k=2.0)[source]#

Method to compute the water balance of the snow reservoir.

  • prec (array_like) – NumPy Array with precipitation in mm/day.

  • temp (array_like) – NumPy Array with the mean daily temperature in degree Celsius.

  • tt (float, optional) –

  • k (float, optional) –


  • ss (array_like) – storage in the snow reservoir.

  • ps (array_like) – snowfall flux in mm/d.

  • m (array_like) – snow melt flux in mm/d.

Return type

Tuple[ArrayLike, ArrayLike, ArrayLike]


The water balance from the snow reservoir is as follows:

\[\frac{dS_s}{dt} = P_s - M\]

where $S_s$ [L] is the snow storage, $P_s$ [L/T] the snowfall, and $M$ [L/T] the snow melt from the snow reservoir.