The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here


FlexModel.simulate(prec, evap, temp, p, dt=1.0, return_full=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Simulate the soil water balance model.

  • prec (array_like) – Precipitation flux in mm/d. Must have the same length as evap.

  • evap (array_like) – Potential evaporation flux in mm/d.

  • temp (array_like) – Temperature in degrees Celsius.

  • p (array_like) – array_like object with the values as floats representing the model parameters. Must be length self.nparam.

  • dt (float, optional) – time step for the calculation of the recharge. Only dt=1 is possible now.

  • return_full (bool) – return all fluxes and states as NumPy arrays.


r – Recharge flux calculated by the model.

Return type