The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here

gg(series, tmin=None, tmax=None, fill_method='nearest', limit=0, output='mean', min_n_meas=16, min_n_years=8, year_offset='A-MAR')[source]#

Calculate the ‘Gemiddelde Grondwaterstand’ (Average Groundwater Level).

  • series (pandas.Series with a DatetimeIndex) – The pandas Series of which the statistic is determined.

  • tmin (pandas.Timestamp, optional) – The lowest index to take into account.

  • tmax (pandas.Timestamp, optional) – The highest index to take into account.

  • fill_method (str, optional) – see .. :mod: pastas.stats.__gxg__

  • limit (int or None, optional) – Maximum number of days to fill using fill method, use None to fill nothing.

  • output (str, optional) – output type * ‘mean’ (default) : for mean of yearly values. * ‘yearly’: for series of yearly values. * ‘g3’: for series with selected data for calculating statistic. * ‘semimonthly’: for series with all data points (14th, 28th of each month).

  • min_n_meas (int, optional) – Minimum number of measurements per year (at maximum 24).

  • min_n_years (int, optional) – Minimum number of years.

  • year_offset (resampling offset. Use 'a' for calendar years (jan 1 to dec 31) and) –

  • 31). ('a-mar' for hydrological years (apr 1 to mar) –


series of yearly values or mean of yearly values.

Return type

pd.Series or scalar


Classic method resampling the series to every 14th and 28th of the month.