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recovery_constant(series, bins=300, normalize=False, min_event_length=10, min_n_events=2)[source]#

Recovery constant after Kirchner [2009].

  • series (pandas.Series) – Pandas Series with DatetimeIndex and head values.

  • bins (int, optional) – Number of bins to bin the data to.

  • normalize (bool, optional) – normalize the time series to values between zero and one.

  • min_event_length (int, optional) – Minimum length of an event in days. Events shorter than this are discarded.

  • min_n_events (int, optional) – Minimum number of events in a bin. Bins with less events are discarded.


Recovery constant.

Return type



Time constant of the exponential function fitted to percentile-wise binned means of the recovery segments. The higher the recovery constant, the slower the head recovers, and vice versa. The following function is fitted to the binned data (similar to the Exponential response function in Pastas):


h(t) = h_0 * (1 - exp(-t / c))

where h(t) is the head at time t, h_0 is the final head as t goes to infinity, and c is the recovery constant.