The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here



Load csv-files from a subfolder in the pastas dataset repository on GitHub.


name (str) – The name of the subfolder, i.e., collenteur_2023. For a list of available datasets, see the pastas-data repository on GitHub (


The loaded dataset(s). If one csv file is found, returns a pandas DataFrame. If multiple csv files are found, returns a dictionary with file names as keys and dataframes as values.

Return type

Union[pd.DataFrame, Dict[str, pd.DataFrame]]

  • Exception – If the request status code is not 200 (OK), an exception is raised. This:

  • is likely due to an invalid folder name. Check the pastas-data repository on GitHub

  • for available datasets.


>>> ps.load_dataset("collenteur_2021")
Returns the dataset from the "collenteur_2021" subfolder as a pandas DataFrame.
>>> ps.load_dataset("collenteur_2023")
Returns a dictionary with datasets from the "collenteur_2023" subfolder. The keys
are the file names and the values are pandas DataFrames.