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Model.set_parameter(name, initial=None, vary=None, pmin=None, pmax=None, optimal=None, dist=None, move_bounds=False)[source]#

Method to change the parameter properties.

  • name (str) – name of the parameter to update. This has to be a single variable.

  • initial (float, optional) – parameters value to use as initial estimate.

  • vary (bool, optional) – boolean to vary a parameter (True) or not (False).

  • pmin (float, optional) – minimum value for the parameter.

  • pmax (float, optional) – maximum value for the parameter.

  • optimal (float, optional) – optimal value for the parameter.

  • dist (str, optional) – Distribution of the parameters.

  • move_bounds (bool, optional) – Reset pmin/pmax based on new initial value. Of move_bounds=True, pmin and pmax must be None.

Return type



>>> ml.set_parameter(name="constant_d", initial=10, vary=True,
>>>                  pmin=-10, pmax=20)


It is highly recommended to use this method to set parameter properties. Changing the parameter properties directly in the parameter DataFrame may not work as expected.