The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here


static SolveTimer.format_meter(n, total, elapsed, ncols=None, prefix='', ascii=False, unit='it', unit_scale=False, rate=None, bar_format=None, postfix=None, unit_divisor=1000, initial=0, colour=None, **extra_kwargs)#

Return a string-based progress bar given some parameters

  • n (int or float) – Number of finished iterations.

  • total (int or float) – The expected total number of iterations. If meaningless (None), only basic progress statistics are displayed (no ETA).

  • elapsed (float) – Number of seconds passed since start.

  • ncols (int, optional) – The width of the entire output message. If specified, dynamically resizes {bar} to stay within this bound [default: None]. If 0, will not print any bar (only stats). The fallback is {bar:10}.

  • prefix (str, optional) – Prefix message (included in total width) [default: ‘’]. Use as {desc} in bar_format string.

  • ascii (bool, optional or str, optional) – If not set, use unicode (smooth blocks) to fill the meter [default: False]. The fallback is to use ASCII characters ” 123456789#”.

  • unit (str, optional) – The iteration unit [default: ‘it’].

  • unit_scale (bool or int or float, optional) – If 1 or True, the number of iterations will be printed with an appropriate SI metric prefix (k = 10^3, M = 10^6, etc.) [default: False]. If any other non-zero number, will scale total and n.

  • rate (float, optional) – Manual override for iteration rate. If [default: None], uses n/elapsed.

  • bar_format (str, optional) –

    Specify a custom bar string formatting. May impact performance. [default: ‘{l_bar}{bar}{r_bar}’], where l_bar=’{desc}: {percentage:3.0f}%|’ and r_bar=’| {n_fmt}/{total_fmt} [{elapsed}<{remaining}, ‘


    Possible vars: l_bar, bar, r_bar, n, n_fmt, total, total_fmt,

    percentage, elapsed, elapsed_s, ncols, nrows, desc, unit, rate, rate_fmt, rate_noinv, rate_noinv_fmt, rate_inv, rate_inv_fmt, postfix, unit_divisor, remaining, remaining_s, eta.

    Note that a trailing “: ” is automatically removed after {desc} if the latter is empty.

  • postfix (*, optional) – Similar to prefix, but placed at the end (e.g. for additional stats). Note: postfix is usually a string (not a dict) for this method, and will if possible be set to postfix = ‘, ‘ + postfix. However other types are supported (#382).

  • unit_divisor (float, optional) – [default: 1000], ignored unless unit_scale is True.

  • initial (int or float, optional) – The initial counter value [default: 0].

  • colour (str, optional) – Bar colour (e.g. ‘green’, ‘#00ff00’).



Return type

Formatted meter and stats, ready to display.