The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here


classmethod SolveTimer.pandas(**tqdm_kwargs)#
Registers the current tqdm class with

pandas.core. ( frame.DataFrame | series.Series | groupby.(generic.)DataFrameGroupBy | groupby.(generic.)SeriesGroupBy ).progress_apply

A new instance will be created every time progress_apply is called, and each instance will automatically close() upon completion.


tqdm_kwargs (arguments for the tqdm instance) –


>>> import pandas as pd
>>> import numpy as np
>>> from tqdm import tqdm
>>> from tqdm.gui import tqdm as tqdm_gui
>>> df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(0, 100, (100000, 6)))
>>> tqdm.pandas(ncols=50)  # can use tqdm_gui, optional kwargs, etc
>>> # Now you can use `progress_apply` instead of `apply`
>>> df.groupby(0).progress_apply(lambda x: x**2)


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