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This module contains the classes for recharge models.

This module contains the different classes that can be used to simulate the effect of precipitation and evapotranspiration on groundwater levels. Depending on the mathematical formulation this effect may be interpreted as:

  1. seepage to the groundwater

  2. precipitation excess,

  3. groundwater recharge.

For the implementation of each model we refer to the references listed in the documentation of each recharge model.

The classes defined here are designed to be used in conjunction with the stressmodel “RechargeModel”, which requires an instance of one of the classes defined here.

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The recharge models listed above are provided to a RechargeModel.


Using the recharge models is as follows:

>>> rch = ps.rch.FlexModel()
>>> sm = ps.RechargeModel(prec, evap, recharge=rch, rfunc=ps.Gamma(), name="rch")
>>> ml.add_stressmodel(sm)

After solving a model, the simulated recharge flux can be obtained:

>>> rch_sim = ml.get_stress("rch")



Recharge to the groundwater calculated according to Berendrecht et al. [2006].


Recharge to the groundwater calculated according to Collenteur et al. [2021].


Linear model for precipitation excess according to von Asmuth et al. [2002].


Recharge to the groundwater calculated based on Peterson and Western [2014].


Base class for classes that calculate the recharge.