The default behavior for adding and solving with noisemodels has changed from Pastas 1.5. Find more information here

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)#

This section contains a list of frequently asked questions.

How should I cite Pastas in general and/or a specific version?

If you find Pastas useful and use it in your research or project, we kindly ask you to cite the Pastas article published in Groundwater journal as follows:

To cite a specific version of the Pastas software we recommend using the the DOI proivded through Zenodo for every major release of the software.

  • Collenteur, R., Bakker, M., Caljé, R. & Schaars, F. (XXXX). Pastas: open-source software for time series analysis in hydrology (Version X.X.X). Zenodo.

What does “Pastas” stand for?

Pastas is not an acronym for something. That is why it is not written as PASTAS. However, we like a good pasta every once in a while, and as that name was already taken in the Python Packaging Index, we chose for Pastas as the name of the package.